Business Acquisition

Expand your business by acquiring a competitor or acquire a small business in the industry that you know. Business owners do not have to start from scratch, purchasing an existing business can be a great way to dive into the realm of small business ownership.

Cornovus Capital has over 25 years of experience working with small business financing. We believe the men and women who operate privately owned or franchise businesses are at the very heart of the U.S. economy. They’re small business owners who earn a living by delivering goods and services their customers need. As the list of eligible businesses and franchise companies grows, so does our commitment to providing the financial assistance these businesses need to thrive.

Our years of experience have reinforced our belief that SBA 7a financing is among the most beneficial platforms for experienced individuals to acquire a business. For future or current business owners, acquiring an existing business or competitor can be a fantastic way to stabilize, diversify, or expand a business. Cornovus Capital provides access to flexible financing structures that may include additional funds for equipment, improvements, and working capital. These additional uses can be a true difference maker to ensure a successful acquisition.


10% Equity Requirement

Term Lengths
- Without Real Estate: 10 Years
- With Real Estate 25 Years

Maximum Loan Amount of $5,000,000

3 Year Pre-Payment Penalty Period (5%,3%,1%)

Business In Operation For Minimum Of 2 Years

Must Be Eligible For SBA Financing

Eligible Industries


Franchises; including retail, personal care, education,
and fast food






Service Industries


5 Items Every Borrower Needs to Get Started

Written or verbal project narrative that includes project goals, objectives, experience, timing, and loan expectations.

3 years of business tax returns

Year-to-date Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

3 years of personal tax returns

Personal Financial Statement (form provided)

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